24 dwellings in SVR

In the section of this project we can perfectly read the three main constraints imposed by the planning regulations to the plot: the ground floor might be aligned with the main street; the building had to set back 5m from the first floor over; in the rear façade the projected shadow to the neighbor, should not overpass the 45 °. As a result of the constraints three volumes were proposed: on the ground floor, the shopping line on the front and a volume behind with 8 houses; and a slim high volume with 16 apartments in between.

A central space below the high volume serves as a meeting and distribution space. This space provides direct access to detached houses on the ground floor. Two stairways and elevators provide access to the upper apartments. The apartments are held by 11 T metal frames. In this way the supporting structure becomes the element that organizes the space. This central space enjoys natural light and ventilation and includes trees.

The structure is made of metal beams and pillars, and one-way slabs of concrete. The partitions are made out of dry plasterboard. The facade is arranged with the same metal structure than the partition but filled in with a lightweight cement board with a finishing of cement mortar layer 5 mm. A thermal insulation of 7 cm in façade and partitions ensures thermal and acoustic comfort. Hot water is produced by a system of collective solar panels.

AuthorMiguel Arraiz / Bruno Sauer
PlaceSVR, Alicante (Spain)
PhotoNoel Arraiz
CollaboratorsMaria Oliver / Rafa Mira
Tech. ArchitectAlberto Castilla