6 appartments in Alicante

Building with 6 apartments and two shops on ground floor in a very small plot of less than 90m², in the middle of the historic centre of Alicante. Dining rooms were placed in the front façade, bedrooms to the side streets and damp nuclei grouped in the Center. The attic was proposed as the extension of one of the apartments, a wider room overlooking the port and the Mediterranean Sea.

The small volume and the difficult accessibility to the building site determined the very simple construction systems: concrete pillars, one-way forged, brick partitions and casting, and a facade of a painted cement mortaring.

Placing the window frames to the interior of the hole and using a sober volume of glass balconies, the façade becomes something alive: a symmetrical composition which is interrupted and a strong accentuation with shadows.

AuthorMiguel Arraiz / Bruno Sauer
Dates2004 - 2006
PhotoNoel Arraiz