Assembly Hall - Gandia

A plot without an assigned use, 2 meters below street level and next to the existing Music Academy Gandia, was the location and context for the implementation of a multiuse municipal hall and music theater. The difference of level between the street and the land was used to locate secondary uses (changing rooms and small meeting rooms), half-buried but with natural light, so that the street level was kept exclusively for the main use. This avoided the extra cost of the filling and permitted to minimize the preparation of the plot surface. The street and the current Academy were connected with the new building through two bridges.

The simple rectangular volume creates a functional space in which the structure and facilities generate a uniform rhythm. In the front of the building, the entrance is separated from the main hall and main hall with a small volume containing technical support facilities for lighting and translation as well as toilets.

AuthorMiguel Arraiz / Bruno Sauer
ClientGandia Town Hall
PhotoNoel Arraiz
Tech. ArchitectOscar Marqués
CollaboratorsMaria Oliver / Rafa Mira