Warehouse in Villena

The basis for the design of this warehouse for storage of irrigation equipment is a 5.8mx 5.8m grid. This serialization facilitates the subdivision of spaces on the ground floor for the shelves of material, and first floor for offices attached to landscaped courtyards.

The programme (garage, warehouse store and offices) of the building, located in an industrial park by a highway, made us go for an inside-facing building. A sober box with a socket where height dominates and a semi open first floor that appears as a floating flashlight at night and during the day lets natural light get into the building through the patios, avoiding the nearby traffic being a disturbing element. All the offices open onto the landscaped patios. These patios do not only bring pleasant views into the building but also filter the noise from the highway traffic. The central courtyard is used as a space for relaxing and a dining terrace. Half of this courtyard has a glass floor that permits natural light illuminating the store.

The structure is a set of pillars and girders with a concrete floor with steel decking as permanent formwork. The ground floor facade has a corrugated metal sheet and offices have a breakdown of colored glass panels that is from time to time interrupted in the patios in order to permit views out.

AuthorMiguel Arraiz / Bruno Sauer
PlaceVillena, Alicante (Spain)
PhotoNoel Arraiz