40 dwellings for young people in Torrevieja

This project of social housing was considered by the public promoter as a pilot project on sustainability.

Nevertheless, we considered that these commitments on sustainability should not have dominant aesthetic consequences. For economic and execution reasons we decided to develop just two typologies. All the rooms have natural light and ventilation. Direct sun impact on South and West façades is controlled with pergolas. Each housing unit has its own solar panel for the sanitary hot water.

Garden roofs provide optimal heat insulation. In 8 of the 40 houses a system for recycling of grey waters has been settled. The recycled water is used for irrigating the garden roofs, avoiding extra water consumption.

The structural system combines a metallic structure of pillars and beams with alveolar slabs floors. The inside walls are made of cardboard-plaster and the facades of lightened cement plates.

AuthorMiguel Arraiz / Bruno Sauer
PhotoNoel Arraiz
CollaboratorsMaria Oliver / Rafael Mira
Tech. ArchitectAlberto Castilla